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fotoIsabel Da Cunha Lima, a self-taught artist, was born in Mozambique in 1964 and lived there until she was eleven, when she had to leave for Lisbon. The family returned to Portugal following that country’s independence. From an early stage, very early indeed, the artist realized that the desire to draw and paint was taking up most of her time. Her African origins persist in her art, influencing enormously the strong colors, light and movement of figures.Feeling the need to evolve and develop her passion for painting, she devoted herself to studying, searching and improving her way of expression.For personal and family reasons she signs her works “Pesqueira”.Isabel studies deeply the themes that inspire her works.Over time, there appeared themes like Gypsies, a people who fascinates her by the force of their music and the nerve and “salero” of their dances, Vivaldi and the captivating Four Seasons, Camões, Molière and his Malade Imaginaire, a complete collection of seventeen works inspired by the first volume of D. Quixote, and many others.She entered various national and international competitions, winning in 2012 first prize from the Portuguese Olympic Academy and subsequently third prize from the International Olympic Committee with Hope. This work is now part of the collection of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.In 2013 she won first prize in the competition organized by Ideaborn, the international organization for human rights based in Barcelona. In 2014, she was invited by the same organization to be a member of the jury for the competition.

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