75 HOPE 62 x 81cms  Olimpiadas Londres 2012


Olympic Competition "Sport and Art"


4º Contest "Sport and Art 'of the International Olympic Committee - International Phase

Portuguese painting of Isabel da Cunha Lima won the 3rd place

Painting with the "Hope" title , authored by Portuguese artist Isabel da Cunha Lima, won third place in the international phase of the 4th Contest Olympic Sport and Art, established by the Culture and Olympic Education Commission of the Olympic Committee Inernacional. The work had been winning in the graphic work category of the national phase of the competition, organized by the Olympic Academy of Portugal, by delegation of the Olympic Committee of Portugal.


Born in Mozambique in 1964 and living in Portugal since 1976, Isabel da Cunha Lima is a self-taught artist with work in the figurative field. For personal reasons, signs the papers with Pesqueira name since 2000, has participated in solo and group exhibitions.


The first international award for graphic work was awarded to the Italian painter Volha Piashko, the collage "In Around dell'Armonia", the second place was won by Luisa Balaban, Romania, with the work "Excellence Rising".
Olympic competition of London 2012

IOC World Conference kicks off in Amsterdam

IOC World Conference kicks off in Amsterdam


The Maritime Museum in Amsterdam was the impressive backdrop for yesterday’s opening ceremony of the 8th IOC World Conference on Sport, Education and Culture, which is bringing together more than 500 delegates from 110 countries.

Prizes for Sport and Art contest winners

The opening ceremony was also a fitting occasion to award the winners of the IOC Sport and Art contest. This year’s fourth edition included more than 60 artists who shared their vision of “Sport and the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect” through their graphic works and sculptures, demonstrating the creative and artistic strength that sport can inspire. The winning works, including one from 18 year-old Luisa Balaban from Romania, were already exhibited in London’s Guildhall Art Gallery during the Olympic Games this summer:

The winners in the graphic works category are:

    Artist     Title      Medium, Technique      Country
1.     Volha PIASHKO      IN CERCA DELL’ ARMONIA      Mixed media, collage (paper, oil, enamel)     Italy
2.     Luisa BALABAN      EXCELLENCE RISING       Paper, ink, watercolour, pastel      Romania
3.     Isabel DE CUNHA     LIMA HOPE      Acrylic on canvas      Portugal


Conferência mundial do comité olímpico em Amsterdam

London Art Show Opens Featuring International Olympic Committee Sport and Art Contest Winners

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Winners of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Sport and Art Contest, which includes American sculptor Martin Linson who took first place in the sculpture category, are having their artwork displayed during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Guildhall Art Gallery.

The art show opens Sunday, July 22 at the gallery and features the top eight pieces in both sculpture and graphic works. Following the Olympic Games the 16 pieces of artwork will go on permanent display at the IOC’s museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Guildhall Art Gallery in London will feature winners of the International Olympic Committees art contest during the 2012 London Games.

The 16 winning works are being presented in the excavated ruins of London’s Roman Amphitheatre in an underground display area designed by architect Nigel Coates. In addition, a special viewing of the city’s 1297 Magna Carta is part of the exhibit.

An Awards Ceremony for the artists who placed first, second and third is scheduled to take place during the IOC World Conference on Sport Education and Culture from Nov. 25-27 in Amsterdam. There they will be awarded their gold, silver and bronze medals and prize money.


Guildhall Art Gallery





Winner of the ART CONTEST 2013

We are pleased to inform that the jury’s verdict of the 2013 Ideaborn International Fine Art Contest has been released and that the award is granted to Isabel Da Cunha Limafor her work "The Wait". The image will be reproduced in ideaborn’s 2013 postcards.

Isabel Da Cunha Lima (Pesqueira)

"A ESPERA...", 2012


Acrylic on canvas



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